Australian Silica Quartz Pty Ltd


Hard Rock Quartz Projects

ASQ has four hard rock quartz projects, one is located in Western Australia and three in North Queensland. The projects are in locations with varying degrees of infrastructure to potentially allow for the development of a hard rock quartz program. Initial investigations and site visits show promising outcropping quartz structures.

ASQ's Queensland hard rock quartz projects - Location Map

High Grade Silica Sand Projects

ASQ has high grade silica sand projects in two areas; the Gingin Silica Sand Project located north of Perth and 80km north east of Fremantle / Kwinana Port, and the Albany Silica Sand Project currently covering an area of 810km2 within 10-70km of the Port of Albany.

Both project areas contain historically reported naturally occurring high grade silica sand with historical exploration data available. The nature of the high grade sands contained within these individual projects each have their own individual characteristics, (purity, particle size and shape),  making potentially them suitable for a number of the different high grade silica sand markets.



Silica Sand and Hard Rock Quartz Project Areas



Research and Development Projects

ASQ is currently undertaking research into the development of a process to produce high purity silica from its high grade silica sand in the Gingin project area. A small scale, high purity product with grades in excess of 99.95% silica is being targeted. German company ANZAPLAN and analytical chemists TSW were engaged to provide technical expertise on this research.

More recently ASQ has expanded the research project to focus on the development of a process to produce high purity and ultra high purity quartz from hard rock quartz. The project work is carried out alongside the silica sand purification process development with the assistance of the specialist technical consultants. Hard rock quartz with grades in excess of 99.99% is being targeted.