Australian Silica Quartz Pty Ltd

Mt Eliza

The Mount Eliza HPQ project is located on EPM 26702, immediately north of Mount Surprise and 280km northwest of Townsville in Far North Queensland. ASQ have identified a number of large, elevated ridges comprising epithermal quartz veins (Figures 1 & 2). ASQ have collected a number of rock chip samples within the project area. These samples have returned results up to 99.98% SiO2 (Table 1).

At the time of application, EPM 26702 overlapped with and excluded 3 mining lease applications (ML30235, 30236 and 20237) that covered the Quartz Hill deposit which was reported by previous explorers Solar Quartz Technologies Corporation (“SQT”) to contain 14 million tonnes of high-grade quartz. ASQ has not been able to verify this SQT report and readers are cautioned that ASQ cannot confirm the validity of the SQT estimate and there is significant uncertainty regarding the validity of the reported mineralisation at Quartz Hill. The SQT mining leases subsequently lapsed and ASQ has had the area incorporated into EPM 26702.

During 2022 ASQ carried out sampling of the identified quartz occurrences on the Mount Eliza lease and are awaiting results.

Mount Eliza project location covering EPM 26702